About us

Arvin Industrial Producer and Supplier, known as Arvin Tabriz was established in 1993 in Tabriz, the manufacturing hub of Iran. The company set out to reduce the dependency on foreign imports for key industries.

Arvin approached this via the communication sector of Iran when it began producing replacement spares for the Railway and Heavy Commercial Vehicles industry. Currently the organisation has expanded its arms into manufacturing of replacement parts for the Petrochemical sector (Oil and Gas Transmission Pipelines) and broadened its products in the Vehicles market to include manufacture and installation of Vehicle Assembly Lines. The organisation now hosts the latest technology for foundry manufacturing and a professional engineering team that can design a solution for any situation they encounter.

The next step for Arvin Tabriz is to expand its international exports and build the brand across the border. Currently we are exporting products to Syria, Romania, Germany and Italy and we aim to further develop these markets and increase our presence in other regions.

Arvin Tabriz is committed to providing our clients with internationally accredited products and a service experience to match. We will do our best to ensure that all customers are satisfied and welcome any feedback.