The fourth International Conference on Recent Advances in Railway Engineering (ICRARE2015) is aimed at to bring together  engineers and researchers of the field to review and discuss the recent practical and theoretical methods/approaches and to address recent advances, technologies and innovations in all disciplines of the Railway Engineering.

Arvin Tabriz is an industrial research center that works on rolling stock engineering. In every conferences that focuses on railway engineering, Arvin Tabriz has a special rule by means of its R&D group.


ARVIN TABRIZ Company is the major supplier for the Iranian railway industry. This company manufactures Bogie Y25 Lsd1 based on industry standards and professional analysis. This kind of freight wagon bogie, has proven its reliability in operation and is used by numerous railway companies worldwide.
One of the most important set in the structure of bogie is brake triangle that understood to be the structural part which uniformly transmits the braking force to the brake shoes. Brake triangles are manufactured in one of the following procedures: fabricated brake triangle suitable for a 60 kN nominal load, and forged brake triangle suitable for a 120 kN.
ARVIN TABRIZ research team optimized and improved welded brake triangle in order to support 60 kN nominal load. This investigation performs standard test demonstrated by UIC-833 by means of finite element techniques to analyze deflections, then we will compare with the experimental results from “brake triangle test machine” that have been designed and manufactured by ARVIN TABRIZ to evaluate them. At the end we found the good agreements.
Conference Plan